Dear Members,
After careful consideration by our Committee Executive and in line with H.M. Government latest advice, the decision has been taken to suspend all CU3A activities with immediate effect and until further notice. I appreciate this will be disappointing to our many members. However, the health and welfare of all our members must be our paramount consideration.

This suspension will include everything organised by CHALFONTS U3A. It includes, groups meeting in members homes, meeting at the Community Centre, Leisure Centre, Library or any other place that groups hold or assemble for a group meeting. Organised trips to the theatre,excursions, new experiences, walks, garden visits and membership renewals ‘drop in’ centre are also suspended.

The monthly meetings for the 8th April and 13th May are suspended.

Your Committee will propose to reschedule the Annual General Meeting set for the 27th May to a date to be advised later in the year.
We are very much aware that for many members, and in particular those who reside alone, the U3A is an important and integral part of their social network. We do not want members to lose contact with each other and would encourage our members to stay in touch with each other during these unprecedented times. We are a wonderful community so let us stay in touch with each other through social media, the telephone and even good old fashioned letter writing!

Your committee will be looking at different ways of putting together an appropriate system to support our members during these difficult times.

Please keep a look out for update emails from your U3A Committee. Keep safe and stay fit and well.

Our best wishes,
Bob Borwick
On behalf of your U3A Committee