Beacon Email

Beacon Email Issues

If you are not receiving emails from Chalfonts u3a, either from your group coordinator or from the committee about monthly meetings or the newsletter, it could be due to your email software treating the email as spam.

Beacon emails are sometimes flagged as spam by your email provider and may go into your Spam or Junk folder. This can usually be dealt with by right-clicking and picking from the available options like Not spam or Never block the sender. This will add the sender’s email address to a Safe Senders List and stop future emails from that sender going into Spam or Junk folders.

Members should also check that the sender’s email address is not on a Banned Senders list.

The method of changing Junk/Spam settings varies depending on who the email provider is and whether it is accessed via a website or via an email application such as Microsoft Outlook. Details for some of the more commonly used email providers and applications are shown below.

Apple Products

There are no junk mail settings on iPads, iPhones and Macs apps, or at least those supplied by Apple by default. Users need to log in via their email provider’s website and adjust the settings there.
The situation is similar for Android smartphones and tablets. (including Apple me)

Log in to and have a look in your Junk mail folder. If there are any U3A emails in there click on the email and then clink on Not junk in the top right hand corener. The email will be moved to your inbox.

You need to add the email address to your Contacts.   Click on the down arrow next to Mail in the top left corner and select Contacts.  Click the plus at the bottom of the first column and select New Contact.  Complete the new contact form include the email address. (including Hotmail)

Log in to and have a look in your Junk mail folder. If there are any U3A emails in there right-click the email and choose Not junk. The email will be moved to your inbox.

Click on the gear wheel icon (top right) to open the Settings menu and click Options. Under Junk email, click Blocked senders. If there are any U3A addresses in the list, select them and then click the dustbin icon to remove them from the Blocked Senders list.

Click Safe Senders (under Junk email). Type in the box and click on the plus sign to add that email address to the Safe Senders list.

Sky/Yahoo Email

If an email arrives in the Spam folder, click More (or right-click) followed by Not spam. This will move the email to the Inbox.

To check what is on your Banned Addresses list, click the gear (cog) icon, followed by Settings and then Banned addresses.

Microsoft Outlook

If an email arrives in the Junk folder, right-click and select Junk, followed by Not Junk.

This will move the email to the inbox and advise you that

Outlook will not block future emails from”.

Alternatively, you can click the Junk icon in the top menu or right-click the email and select either Never block sender or Never block sender’s domain.

To add the U3A email address to your safe senders list, click the Junk icon in the top menu, followed by Junk email options. Click the Add button on the Safe senders tab and enter noreply@ in the box.