Committee Roles

Committee Roles

A quick who-does-what of the Committee members:


The Chair has overall responsibility for ensuring the effective running of the u3a and compliance with any regulatory requirements.


As well as overall oversight of our finances and the production of our Accounts, the Treasurer looks after payments for those groups organising visits, experiences, and trips for their members.

Vice Chair

Our Vice Chair works with the Chair to oversee the running of our u3a and has a particular role in relation to member engagement. The Vice Chair will make sure that new members are supported and encouraged to be active in our u3a and provide feedback to the Committee from the wider membership.

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary will deal with any queries re your membership and with new members. Remember to tell them if you move house or change your email address or phone number!

Monthly Meeting and Speaker Co-ordinator

The Speaker Co-ordinator is responsible for finding our speakers for the monthly members meetings and organising and hosting the meetings.

Group Co-ordinator

Our Interest Group Co-ordinator. The role is to support all our group convenors they are their “go to” person for information and advice and they are very knowledgeable about all things u3a.  Helps set up new groups and deals with room and venue bookings for groups


Our Secretary keeps us legal and in order, looks after the Committee meetings,  and makes reports and returns to various bodies such as the Charity Commission. A lot of “behind the scenes “activities!


Our webmaster who is responsible for keeping our website up to date (by the way a good source of informationand news).  They also looks after all our technical requirements

Beacon Administrator

Responsible for overseeing our Beacon system.  This is the database we use for our membership, and that we encourage the convenors to use for their group communications.

Newsletter Editor

The Newletter Editor is responsible for our monthly members newsletter which aims to keep you up to date with all our local u3a news!


Co-opted Committee member.  John Krushner joined our Committee in April 2023 as a co-opted Trustee. John will be focussing initially on our future development, and on getting to know our groups and members by coming along to visit some interest groups.

Honorary Presidents

Our joint Honorary Presidents are recognised for their hard work, energy and dedication to the establishment and running of our u3a over the past seven years. It is an honorary role, but I am sure they would be delighted if you invited them to come along and participate in your groups activities from time to time.