Computing Group – How The Internet Works

Five minutes worth of how it all works…


Communication has been around since Adam was a boy. It started with our ability to speak and develop languages and disseminating information to future generations verbally. Then we learned to write it all down and some lucky folks in the early days could read it. (Not that many. Mainly Monks, plus a privileged few higher up the human chain!) With the advent of printing we had books on demand. That major breakthrough led on to more of us being able to read through the development of general education for the masses. Once we learned to read and write it really did change the world. Now by linking the world through computers, telephone wires and the 'network' we've now got the internet. The power of noughts and ones has taken the world by storm. Now those same noughts and ones allow us to find information on almost anything. Depending on the speed of your internet connection it's now possible to not only learn stuff, but to keep in touch with friends and family. Where it will be in a few years time? Looking further ahead; ten, twenty, fifty or one hundreds years? Now, there's a question…and our ancestors would be astonished at what mankind has achieved.


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This short video explains it all beautifully…