The Chalfonts U3A Facebook Computing Group Page

Welcome To Our Interest Group Facebook Page

Purpose of the group …

  • To allow members of the group to interact and share ways of improving our computing skills
  • To give us an opportunity to keep in touch whilst we all remain in isolation

The future …

We may find that this group will continue after this worrying episode is over and when we can all meet up with each other again face-to-face. Let’s use the group as an experiment and see if it can be of benefit to members.

What you need to do …

Step One:

On the right is a link to the Social Media page from our meeting on 12th March 2020. Click on this button to learn more about how facebook works and to set yourself up with a facebook page if you don’t already have one.

(Scroll down the page and you will find the YouTube video link guide to facebook for Beginners.)

Step Two:

As already stated above to participate in the group you will need to set up a facebook account if you don’t already have one. If you’re not sure about how Facebook works then go to Step One and watch the video on facebook; then go and join up if you want to … by pressing the link in Step two.

Step Three:

You will be sent an invitation to join the group in the week beginning Monday 23 March.

Note: this is a private ‘Invitation Only’ group. Anyone who wishes to join needs to provide us with their Chalfonts U3A membership number. 

Once you’ve joined the group, if you choose to do so, you will be able to ask questions, give answers to questions (if you know the answer!) and participate in any of the group’s discussions.

For now membership is going to be restricted to only those who are currently members of the Computing Group; however, if it proves to be a resource that helps members and is a (roaring) success then we can open membership up to all of the Chalfonts U3A membership.

Let’s see how the group develops first before we open our doors up to a wider audience.

The rules …

At this stage I feel we should try and limit any posts/discussions to computing related topics/questions. But this can be an open forum for members and we will gather opinions/views from members to see how you want to group to interact. Let’s take it one step at a time and see what we all want.

Remember …

It doesn’t matter which operating system (OS) you have. We will post and share information that is not necessarily independent of the OS you use: so if you’re a Windows user or if you have an Apple Mac which is running on their OSX you should find relevant information. Lots of things we share will not be OS related anyway.

And that’s it!

All that remains is to wish all of us good luck with the group! And to stay well whilst we all get through this unprecedented piece of history!


Step One

Step Two

If you wish to join the group please send an email message to: or use the Contact Form; the link below will take you to the Computing Group ‘Contact Form’ page.

Put this text in your email:

I want to join the Chalfonts U3A Computing Group on facebook

(The easiest way is to select the text and copy/paste it into your email.)

Once we’ve received your email telling us that you want to join our Facebook group you will then be sent an invitation to join.

Also note that this is a PRIVATE group; only Computing Group members can join it and participation in any discussions is optional, but it will give you opportunities to ask questions and help others too if you know the answer (!)