Chalfonts U3A Facebook Group

Chalfonts U3A now have a Facebook group which any member can join. 

This will enable our members to keep in touch with each other.  They can post messages, photos, videos and web sites which other members can comment on.

To assist with joining we have created a document on how to create a Facebook Account and how to join the Chalfonts U3A Group.  Click the button below to view the document.

You only need to give Facebook your Name, Email Address or Mobile Phone Number and your Data of Birth to create an account.  Please read the document for more information

If you need assistance with joining Facebook or the Chalfonts U3A Facebook group you can email our Facebook administrators.  The email address is:


If you are already on Facebook the group name is Chalfonts U3A and you can get directly to it by clicking the link below and then +Join.  You will need the email address that you used when you joined Chalfonts U3A and your current U3A membership number (this is printed on your membership card).