There is no right turn into the Community Centre when driving on the A413 from the Amersham direction.

You have to travel to the roundabout and come back on yourself and then take the first left into the centre.

Meeting Place:
Chalfont St Peter Community Centre
Gravel Hill, Chalfont St Peter
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Take your seats…We ask that members be seated a few minutes before the talk begins, so that our guest speaker may commence their presentation on time.

NOTICES - Any notices to be given will be done prior to the guest speaker's talk.

Monthly Meeting Format - The monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month. Start time is 2pm prompt.

On completion of the talk we serve tea and coffee with biscuits.

2019 Monthly Meeting Talks

Wednesday 8th May 2019  

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM will start at 2.00pm prompt and will be followed by a presentation and update on HS2.

The Purpose:

  1. To bring members up to date with what's happened over the past year

  2. To present our accounts for the period,

  3. To elect any new officers to the committee.

    We are showing a slideshow of our first four years, prior to the AGM, from 1.30pm to1.55pm




Election of Committee

There will also be the opportunity for any member to stand for election to the Chalfonts U3A committee. Please submit your name using the Contact Form if you wish to stand for election to serve on the committee. (Click on mail icon…)

Please remember to state which position you wish to stand for. 

Wednesday 10th April 2019 - 2pm

The guest speaker this month is Alan Copeland.
(Second left in the photo between David Burbidge and Sue White, with our ex-chair Geoff Glover on the right).

U3A_General_Meeting_8April2015 26
Alan has been our guest speaker twice before and was our first when we started Chalfonts U3A in March 2015.
His topic this time is all about the Eccentricities of London
London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and is full of history, wonder and eccentricity!
Alan will be taking us for a comfortable walk through some of the amazing things about London, some of which we may be aware of, but others that we probably nothing about!

Wednesday 13th March 2019 - 2pm

Guest Speaker - Peter Ellis

Peter's talk is about two of the world's most fascinating mountains.

Climbing Everest from Tibet (the picture on the right) and probably the one mountain in the world that most people could name. Famous for Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing who climbed it in 1953 and were the first to reach its summit.

If time allows he will also be talking about the Vinson Massif in Antarctica, which is much less known. It's a large mountain massif… 21 km long and 13 km wide lying within the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains over-looking the Ronnie Ice Shelf, near the base of the Antarctic Peninsula located about 1,200 km from the South Pole. (See picture below.)


Wednesday 13th February 2019 - 2pm

Stefan White

Our guest speaker this month is Stefan White

Stefan's subject will be…

Skullduggery In The Shrubbery

Stefan tells the true and fascinating story of John Tradescant, the 17th century plant collector and adventurer whose treasures were stolen by a rascally lawyer who then took the credit and founded the Ashmolean Museum with the stolen collection. Witchcraft, intrigue and treachery all feature in this insight into a turbulent period of history.

Wednesday 9th January 2019 - 2pm

Jean's talk will unveil a lot of the amazing snippets about the English language that we will laugh at and be agog at. Jean has given this talk to a wide variety of audiences and the feedback we've had has been excellent. Be prepared to be enthralled about facts and figures that will astound you!


Our guest speaker this month is Jean Meakin MA.

Jean's subject will be…

The Curiosities of the English Language.

Jean has had a career of school and university teaching in the UK and also abroad and is a highly experienced, qualified teacher.

Jean's talk will unveil a lot of the amazing snippets about the English language that we will laugh at and be agog at.