Previous Monthly Meetings

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Monthly Meeting Format and Time

  • The monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month

  • Start time is 2pm prompt

  • On completion of the talk we serve tea and coffee with biscuits

Previous Talks - More Details

For posterity we have listed all of our previous speakers and their subjects, for no other reason than the allow prospective new members of Chalfonts U3A to find out what happens at Monthly Meetings.

If you wish to find out more about a particular talk then click the link below. We've not been able to comprehensively document all of the talks given but there quite a few you can find out more about.

2018 Talks


14th November - Ken Panchen - Red Kites In The Chilterns

Our next monthly meeting is a talk about the Red Kites in the Chilterns.

Ken will be donating his fee to the charity Chilterns Conservation Board and will talk to us about the history of the red kite and why it became extinct in England and Scotland, and will go into the Chilterns re-introduction scheme.



11 July - A Talk About Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs uses the amazing power of the dog’s nose to detect human diseases. Our research is based on the dog’s ability to detect minute odour traces created by diseases.

Our talk this month will be by a representative of Medical Detection Dogs who will enlighten us on the work that this charity does.


13 June - Our Guest Speaker is Helen Fry

During WW2, Latimer House became the centre of highly top secret activities run by MI5 and MI6 under the obscure name Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Unit (CSDIC). It masked as a supply depot as No.1 Distribution Centre and no one locally knew its true activities. Even Parliament was not privy to its existence.

Helen will be narrating the story for us and it promises to be really interesting!


Wednesday 9th May 2018 - Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Purpose:

  1. To bring members up to date with what's happened over the past year

  2. To present our accounts for the period,

  3. To elect any new officers to the committee.

At the closing of the AGM we will be reviewing our three years with Chalfonts U3A since its inception in March 2015.

We are showing a slideshow of our first three years, prior to the AGM, from 1.30pm to1.55pm

The AGM will start at 2.00pm prompt and will be followed by a presentation of our progress since inception.


Election of Committee

There will also be the opportunity for any member to stand for election to the Chalfonts U3A committee. Please submit your name using the Contact Form on the right if you wish to stand for election to serve on the committee. (Click on mail icon…)

11 April 2018 

Our guest speaker this month is Monica Weller.

She will explain about how she solved the case of the murder of Dr Helen Davidson who was murdered in Hodgemoor Woods in 1966.

Dr. Davidson, 54, left her home in North Road, Amersham, in the afternoon of Wednesday, November 9th, 1966, in her Hillman car with her wire-haired terrier dog Fancy, after her husband, a retired bank worker, had gone off to work in his part-time job.

In the early hours of the next morning the car was found in a lay-by on the Amersham–Beaconsfield road. A few hours later her body was found in a clearing in Hodgemoor Wood, half a mile from her car. Fancy was cuddled against her body.

Bucks Free Press

14 March  2018 

Our guest speaker this month is Roger Shaw.

He will be giving us a fascinating insight on the movement of tens of thousands of people from the east side if the United States to the west.




This will be an illustrated talk about the perils of the people who went through the north-west of America in 1844 on what became known as the Oregon Trail.

We all grew up with television dramas like Wagon Train, with the actors like Ward Bond and Ben Johnson.

This programme dramatised some of the exploits of these brave people. Some of the story lines were based on fact… and a good many weren't.

Roger is going to tell the real story of this incredible piece of American history.

14 February 2018 

The Secret Life of Hughenden Manor during World War II.

Our guest speaker for our February monthly meeting is Bernie Knill.

He is a long standing (no pun intended!) volunteer for the National Trust.

The talk is about a rather secretive subject that many people know absolutely nothing about… Operation Hillside. It promises to be a fascinating subject so please come along!

As usual we will be serving tea, coffee and biscuits at the end of the talk.


10 January 2018  

The January talk is by Blue Badge Tourist Guide, Graham Horn, titled A Long Walk across England.

In the spring of 2007 he set out on a journey to walk the Macmillan Way from Lincolnshire  to Dorset 300 miles in 18 days. His narrative combines pictures showing some of England's most attractive villages, hidden and historic gems, and the pleasure of strolling through the pretty countryside.


2017 Talks


13 December 2017 

The Tall Fellow… Keith Baldwin

Our guest this month is Keith Baldwin. Keith will be entertaining us with his Christmas Greetings talk.

Sounds fascinating! I wonder what little treasures he's going to share with us all?


8th November 2017 

Mike Bartlett is talking about…

The Amber Room in Saint Petersburg.

Mike is a retired Vulcan bomber navigator and his talk is about a stunning room within the Catherine Palace near Saint Petersburg. The contents of the Amber Room were stolen by the Nazis in WW2 and their whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.



11 October 2017 


Our guest speaker for the October monthly meeting is John Fieldsend.

He will be talking about his own personal experiences of Kindertransport and how his life was saved because he was on the next to last train from Prague to London in 1939.

It promises to be a very moving experience for all those who can make the meeting.


John Fieldsend

John, pictured on the right, talking to children about his experiences of Kindertransport.

Denise Beddows 1

13 September 2017 

A Wistful Eye on the Titanic

Denise’s great grandfather’s role in the building of the ship and unique images record of the harsh living and working conditions of the Belfast shipwrights. Talk will include her discovery of her great grandmother's brutal murder in 1910.


Using the pen name DJ Kelly, Denise has explored our county’s 600 year history of spooks of the spy variety in her book, Spooks & Spooks.

The talk about her great grandmother promises to be a very interesting one.




BFBS means - British Forces Broadcast Service

9 August 2017 

The British Forces Broadcasting Service

Our guest speaker for our August monthly meeting is David Ramsay.

David is from our local company Services Sound And Vision. He will be giving a talk on BFBS working for the military in conflict zones.



14 June 2017 -

The Secret Life of Hughenden Manor during World War II.

Our guest speaker for our June monthly meeting is Bernie Knill.

He is a long standing (no pun intended!) volunteer for the National Trust.

The talk is about a rather secretive subject that many people know absolutely nothing about… Operation Hillside. It promises to be a fascinating subject so please come along!

As usual we will be serving tea, coffee and biscuits at the end of the talk.



12th April

Sally Botwright will be our speaker for April.

Sally is a Blue Badge Tourist Guide and she will be giving a talk with a colourful presentation  on The History of the City of London



Coat of arms

8th March

The talk this month is given by Steve Capel Davies.

His talk is about the Life and history of the River Thames.


8th February

Ken and  June  Brazier will give a joint presentation on Mercy Ships.

This was started in 1978 with a mission to provide "Hope and Healing " to some of the poorest countries in the world.

The charity operates mainly in West Africa and especially in Sierra Leone.


This before and after picture shows the amazing value of the work this wonderful charity do. The picture is distressing, but it shows what can be done, so we don't apologise for sharing it.


11th January

David Keen gave a talk about the RAF squadron, 617, and the Dambusters raids.

You can access our full report on this meeting by pressing the button…


David was our guide on the recent visit we made to the RAF Hendon museum.

He explained the missions flown by 617 Squadron in 1943 and the personalities who made their role so important in winning the Second World War.


2016 Talks

14th December

Sue Benwell was our Guest Speaker for this month and she gave a talk about the life and work of one our legendary actor-comedians, Sir Norman Wisdom.

by Albert Clarke, bromide print, 1960

Born in 1915 Norman struggled through his troubled childhood, joined the army at a very young age, learned to play several instruments, became a comedy actor, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Promises to be a barrel of laughs!


9th November

Alan Copeland gave a presentation on Pubs and the way pub sign writers introduce their sense of humour into their work. He also took us on a tour of some fascinating places around Britain to see what lurks!


Alan was our first guest speaker in March 2015. His talk was about the Chilterns and it was very well received.


12th October

Travels With Auntie

An Illustrated Talk on the BBC

Our Guest Speaker was Alistair Lack.