The Gallery is not yet the 'finished' article. 

Because of current time constraints the Gallery pages are scheduled to be completed by spring of 2017. We do have a lot of events covered in pictures but putting them in the Gallery is a very time consuming job. With other priorities on the website it's been decided not to rush the project.

We suggest that you look back in a few months from now and we will put a notice on the Noticeboard when the Galleries are updated. 


2015 - 2016 Our First Year In Review 

The button on the right takes you to a slideshow that was shown at the AGM in May 2016. It reviews our first year in pictures and is accompanied with music.

This is where you will find the photographs of various events we've put on…

(Click on the Year Button to take you to the gallery)


Please remember that the speed of your internet connection will determine how long it takes to populate the galleries. So please be patient whilst they load on to the page.