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This is a list of the menu tabs and what they do.
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Clicking on any plus sign (+) at the right hand side of the Menu Item explains what that page contains.


This is the HOME page that you will land on first when you visit the website. It contains information on Membership, Interest Groups and Monthly Meetings.

We have also put a link to the Noticeboard and some basic information on the latest posts that the Noticeboard contains.

About U3A

The About U3A page gives you a series of links to various pages that give you more information about the U3A movement, both in the UK and worldwide.

Monthly Meetings

This page takes you to our Monthly Meetings information page. Here you can see what will be happening at future meetings and there are also links to past meetings and our Monthly Meetings Archive.


The next link on the Menu Bar will tell you more about MEMBERSHIP so please visit this page if you are considering joining Chalfonts U3A. There is a link to our current Application Form. If you're looking at the website and not yet a member this is the place to go to find out how you can join.

Interest Groups

The INTEREST GROUPS, which are listed alphabetically, are set out on this page.

We also list them by GENRE (or category), namely, Arts/Crafts/Technology/Languages and so on, but all of the groups are listed so it doesn't matter which page you prefer to use.

To find out more about a particular group simply click on the group you are interested and it will take you to the relevant page.

There is also a list of our Interest Groups contained in our AT A GLANCE INTEREST GROUP MEETING GUIDE list so you can see the day/time/frequency a group meets up.

On all of the Interest Group pages you will find a Contact Form.

You can use this form to send a message to the Group Convenor and they will reply as soon as they can and answer your query.


When you visit the website this is the first place to go. Any new announcements will be placed here.

We try and keep this page current with fresh news about what's happening, so please get into the habit of taking a quick peek here first to check if there's anything new that's going on.


Clicking on the menu item will take you to a page where all of our newsletters are stored. You can read them online or download them or you can print them off.

Group Convenors

This is where information resides for our Group Convenors. It contains links to documents and general information about convening our groups.


If this works correctly, this is the page you're on now.

It lets you see how we have organised the menu items, what each menu does on the website.


We have put a list of our current and past committee members on this page.

Further down the page are former members of our committee, so you know who has given their time to Chalfonts U3A for the benefit of all our members.

Suggestion Box

If any member has a suggestion on how can improve or enhance our U3A their suggestions are always welcome. On this page you will find a Contact Form that allows you to send us your ideas/thoughts/suggestions.

Contact Us

The Contact Us menu tab will take you to a page where you send a message to us.