Dining in with Friends - More Information


Our Objectives

  • To make new friends
  • To share meals in an informal atmosphere
  • To discover and discuss mutual interests

Meeting Frequency


How It Works…

The Group Coordinator publishes a programme for the quarter (3 months), nominates hosts who agree dates/times with those identified to join them and coordinates and menus, this takes in any allergies or special dietary needs.

Members are mixed so that they will rarely dine with the same members in successive months.  For anyone joining during the quarter the Group Coordinator will liaise with existing members so that they can join one of the meals.  They will be included in the following quarter’s line up.

We normally only have three couples at a time for a shared meal being Hosted at a members home.

Membership is open to everyone in the U3A 

On the day of the meal…

  • A guest or pair of guests provide the starter.
  • The nominated hosts provide the main course
  • Another guest or pair provide the dessert.
  • If there are more that 6 people cheese or soft drinks provided by other guests.
  • Each provides their individual choice of wines or soft drinks for sharing.
  • Meals are informal; it's not a cookery competition, so ready meals from M&S, Cook or others are wholly acceptable!Please contact the Group Convenor through the e-mail link on the Dining With Friends Contact Form on the website if you are interested and want more information.