Italian – Advanced Conversation

Italian - Advanced Conversation

This Group is now Inactive and this information is for historical reference only.

Update 24/08/2022

Unfortunately, the group is on-hold until we can get a new convenor.


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More information about the Italian Advanced Conversation Group and our objectives here… just click the button below…

Update from Barbara Lloyd - 13th July 2021

On 24 June our small group met again at my house for the first time since lockdown began last year.
We celebrated our reunion with coffee
and cake and exchanged stories of our activities and experiences during the long period of restrictions.
This was followed by a game of Scarabeo, the Italian version of Scrabble, which proved challenging and instructive and was much enjoyed by all. It will certainly feature again in future meetings!

Our Meeting in April 2017 - Tea, coffee, cake and chatting in Italian!


Four of our group members met up at Pinewood Nursery (near Wexham Hospital) for our usual monthly gathering!

Two of our members couldn't make it to our monthly get together because they were on holiday.