Computing Group – Meeting Held on 11th January 2017

If you prefer to read how 'stuff' works this wikipedia page will tell you all about Google Drive. Click the link below and it takes you to Wikipedia's explanation of this software.

The link below takes you to the Google Drive download page

Videos below on:

Google Drive

Google Chrome browser

Google free email - gmail

Google Docs (all free) which include:

  • Docs (like MS Word)**
  • Spreadsheet (like MS Excel)**
  • Slideshow (like MS Powerpoint)**

** Not as comprehensive as the Microsoft Office software but adequate for most needs. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: It doesn't matter what type of computer, tablet, smartphone you use. Internet software online operate in the similar way across ALL operating systems.

The videos below may sometimes be interrupted by adverts; you can click them away by pressing the x in the top right hand corner of the ad. 

Also, you can use the expand box in the bottom right hand corner of the videos to make them fill your screen. 

Broad Outline of Google Drive: This youtube video tutorial will explain the benefits of Google Drive; what it can do for any user, and also outline the various documents you can create by using it.

Google Drive Tutorial on youtube

To use Google Drive you will need to download the browser, Chrome, that goes with it. This is the link to find it and download it.

Video Explaining Google Gmail

This is a free email service that is superior to most free email services currently around; it's very sophisticated but, with a little practice, it's easy enough to master.

It will certainly improve your efficiency if you learn how to use it effectively.

Video on Google gmail (email service - Free)

Video Explaining Google Docs and Sheets

This video gives an overview of how docs and the sheets work. As we've mentioned above these online tools are not as sophisticated as the Microsoft Office equivelents, but they are adequate for the needs of most users.

Video on Google Docs and Google Sheets