Computing Group Meeting held on 25th March 2021

Computing Group Meeting
25th March 2021

Meeting Content

Subjects covered:

  • File formats
  • Finding files on your computer
  • Metadata
  • Photo Apps
  • Transfering large files across the Internet
  • Facebook Privacy

A little detail on the meeting…

This was a continuation from the previous meeting.  We had a look at different file formats used by digital images and who to search for files using wildcards.  We then looked at additional metadata that is included in a digital photo.

We finished this section with a quick look at free photo apps on Windows, macOS and Google Photos.

During the meeting a question came up about transferring large files or a large amount of data across the internet.  There is a limit of 25MB for Google mail attachments.  One suggestion was to use a website WeTransfer, link is below.

Lastly, one member's Facebook account had been cloned using their Facebook photo and access to their Facebook friends. We had a look at the privacy settings to limit who has visibility of your friends on Facebook. There is a privacy checkup you can use on Facebook to view and change your settings in one place. Click the link below to view how to use this tool.

The next meeting will be on the 29th April 2021, if you are interested in attending use the group's contact form.


Below is the PowerPoint presentation used