Computing Group – Meeting Held On 25th October 2018

Meeting Content

Subjects covered:

  • How to use the Task Manager in Window Operating Systems (7, 8 & 10)
  • A brief introduction to WordPress for building your own website

A little detail on the meeting…


The meeting had two parts: Gary Tomlin gave a talk on how to use the Windows Task Manager to help with identifying possible problems on your PC. Tony Darbyshire gave a quick overview of the method of creating your own website. He then showed members our own Chalfonts U3A website to demonstrate how it utilises a Page Builder to complete the Content areas. The link below on the right is about the basics of but we will be putting up more information about the .org option when it is covered. Members will be notified when this is done. Clicking on the either of the two links below will take you to a separate page on each topic so those who attended can refresh themselves on what we covered. Those who weren't able to attend can also benefit from knowing about the meeting content. You do not have to be a member of the Computing Group to do this.