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Typical Apple Mac Keyboard

The Mac doesn't have quite so many keyboard shortcuts as Windows, but there are still quite a few. Take, say, 3 a day. Use them and learn them and remember them. Doing so will save you tons of time.

Full Keyboard Symbol List:

⌘ is command

⌥ is option

⌃ is control

⇧ is shift

⇪ is caps lock

← is left arrow

→ is right arrow

↑ is up arrow

↓ is down arrow

⇥ is tab

⇤ is backtab

↩ is return

⌤ is enter

⌫ is delete

⌦ is forward delete

⇞ is page up

⇟ is page down

↖ is home

↘ is end

⌧ is clear

␣ is space

⎋ is escape

⏏ is eject

For years I’ve collected these keystrokes. I hope they help you become the power user that lies within. I have tested them on macOS Sierra, but most should work on older versions of Mac OS X (such as El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks).

Menu Symbols

Symbol Key on Keyboard
Command   (or Cmd)
Like the Control key on Windows/PC. Formerly known as the Apple key.
Option   (like Alt on Windows/PC)
Control   (Control-click = Right-click)
Enter (on Number Pad, or fn-Return on compact keyboards)
Page Up   (fn-Up Arrow on compact keyboards)
Page Down   (fn-Down Arrow on compact keyboards)
Home   (fn-Left Arrow on compact keyboards)
End   (fn-Right Arrow on compact keyboards)
Arrow Keys
Delete Left   (like Backspace on Windows/PC)
Delete Right   (fn-Delete on compact keyboards. Also called Forward Delete)