Computing Group – The Basics of Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint As part of the Microsoft Office suite Powerpoint was bought by Microsoft in 1987 and made part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Under the Microsoft banner it became the best selling software for building professional presentations.

You can read more about the history timeline of Microsoft Powerpoint. The link below will tell you more about its development. (Wikipedia page which opens up in either a new window or tab, depending how you have your browser set up.)


IMPORTANT NOTE: It doesn't matter what type of computer you use. The YouTube video links work in the same across ALL operating systems.

The videos in this series will give you excellent training on using Microsoft Powerpoint. With practice it's easy enough to master, though it's a comprehensive program that requires time to learn it properly. In all there are 25 training videos; each one varies in length from a short three or four minutes to ones that are around seventeen minutes. You can replay them, or come back to them, as often as you like.

YouTube & Advertising
This is a Google owned business. They make their money through advertising. When some videos start to play there may be an advert appearing. Usually there is an option to click the advert ribbon off by clicking on the X in the top right hand corner and it should disappear.

At the end of each video there will be a reminder of who produced the video (in this case it's but you can stop the video at anytime and go to the next one. Lots of businesses use YouTube to promote their services so it's not unreasonable if they promote their stuff! 

Practice makes perfect…
If you have Microsoft Powerpoint on your computer it may be useful to have the program open so you can practice what you learn.
By using the square symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the video you can make it play in full screen mode.

A suggestion… Work through the video training as your time allows. The running time for all of the training is around four and half hours. By scheduling to watch them over several days you will soon be competent with this software.

Part 1

Creating A Presentation - 1

Running Time: 10.26

Part 2

Creating A Presentation - 2

Running Time: 11.39​

Part 3


Running Time: 7.28

Part 4

Open, Save & Exit

Running Time: 10.06

Part 5

How To Protect 


Running Time: 15.32

Part 6

Online & Offline Help

Running Time: 10.08

Part 7

Powerpoint Options

Running Time: 10.41

Part 8

How To Use

The Powerpoint Ribbon

Running Time: 16.37

Part 9

How To Use

The Quick Access Toolbar

Running Time: 6.59

Part 10

How To Use

The Powerpoint

Mini Toolbar

Running Time: 5.16

Part 11

How To Customise

The Powerpoint

Status Bar

Running Time: 3.25

Part 12

How To Backup

Autosave and


Running Time: 12.51

Part 13

How To Create

A New Powerpoint


Running Time: 10.51

Part 14

How To Add

Content and Adding

and Deleting Slides

Running Time: 12.04

Part 15

Adjusting View

and Adding Notes

Running Time: 13.04


Part 16

Slide Sorter View,

Notes View

and Reading View

Running Time: 7.44


Part 16

Slide Sorter View,

Notes View

and Reading View

Running Time: 7.44


Part 17

Using The Zoom In

and Zoom Out Feature

Running Time: 7.36


Part 18

How To Use

Undo and Redo 

Running Time: 6.57


Part 19

How To Add

Text To Your Slides

Running Time: 12.12

Part 20

Using Text Boxes

Running Time: 9.21

Part 21

Copy, Cut And Paste

Running Time: 12.44

Part 22

How To Spellcheck

Your Presentation

Running Time: 15.41


Using Presenter View

Running Time: 13.01


inserting Mulimedia

Running Time: 14.38