Computing Group – The Basics of WordPress

Since it first launched in 2003, WordPress has quickly become the major platform for building a website. Whilst there are other Content Management Systems (CMS) available, WordPress powers in excess 30% of the websites we now access globally. Note: This page is dedicated to the option. We will be creating a separate page in due course for the option.

The link below explains all about the platform; it's beginnings and how it works.

YouTube & Advertising

This is a Google owned business and they make their money through advertising. When some videos start to play there may be an advert appearing. Usually (not always) there is an option to click the advert off after around five seconds. Once this option is clicked the video you want to watch will continue to play.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It doesn't matter what type of computer, tablet, smartphone you use. YouTube works in the similar way across ALL operating systems.

The Videos listed on this page will help you to learn about using the WordPress way of building a website with the platform. Note: do have a habit of wanting you to upgrade to their 'paid' option. This of course may be fine with you. But if you intend to be serious about building and using a website our advice is to go the route. This is because you have far more flexibility. Later you may wish to move from one hosting company to somewhere else. If you go down the route this makes moving much more difficult.


ABOUT THESE VIDEOS: The six videos on this series run for less than 14 minutes. By the end of watching them you will be able to set up your free website. We have put a link below that takes you directly to the sign up page for - you will need to use a active email address to register.


Video 1: How to Set Up Your Website In Five Steps This video takes you through the process of how set up your website from scratch. Follow the steps and you will be online and blogging in no time.

Running Time: 3.34


Video 2: How to Change Your Website Theme This video takes you through the process of how to change your theme. Note: there are lots of free themes you can choose. In the beginning, whilst you're learning this is the best way to go.

Running Time: 1.37


Video 3: Do I Need a Website, a Blog or Both? Explore the options of what type of website you want; a blog, a website or perhaps both? This video explains the process.

Running Time: 2.12


Video 4: How To Update Your Title and Tagline Most websites have a clearly visible way of letting visitors know what your 'site is by displaying it's name across the Header bar, and also giving a 'tagline'. This video explains how this is done.

Running Time: 0.47


Video 5: How To Configure A Static Home Page You have a choice; your Home Page could be for your blog posts (i.e. your articles or stories) or you can set up your Home Page so that it displays STATIC content. This video explains how this is easily achieved.

Running Time: 1.11


Video 5: How To Set Up A Blog In Five Steps This video explains how set up a blog and shows the five steps you need to do.

Running Time: 3.01