Computing Group – Tips On Password Management

If you prefer to read how 'stuff' works this wikipedia page will tell you all about Password Managers; what they are, how they work and why they are incredibly useful.

The button takes you to a review of the popular Password Managers and make a comparison of their features. Definitely worth a look…

Password Generators

Use them to create highly secure passwords that are difficult to crack or guess. Just select the criteria for the passwords you need, and click "Generate Password(s)".

Remember, the more options you choose, the more secure your passwords will be.


IMPORTANT!: Some people write their passwords into a little book. If you like this way of storing them that's okay. The problem is that if you are not anywhere near the little book (say, on holiday) unless you take the book with you, you're scuppered. It maybe better to use an online Password Manager. If you do, all you have to do is remember ONE MASTER PASSWORD.

A Short Video Explaining Why Password Managers Work To Your Benefit…


Password Managers First word of advice; don't use the same password for everything you do. If you do you invite trouble Please don't do it! Second word of advice; don't be afraid to use a 'password manager'. What? A password manager assists in generating and retrieving complex passwords. The password can be stored in an encrypted database or calculated on demand. ... Password managers typically require its user to create and remember one "master" password to unlock and access to any information stored in its database.