Computing – Resources

Computing - Resources

Let's start at the very beginning…a very good place to start!

(With apologies to Maria Von Trapp aka Julie Andrews!)

Like languages, computing has our members at different levels. Some know a lot; some know a lot more; some know a little and some don't know they don't know. But many do want to go back to the very beginning and start with the basics. It's all about confidence. Like speaking a language you have to jump in, get your metaphoric feet wet, and give it a go.

The good thing is that you're on this page, so it shows some of you are more confident with using a computer than you realise. On the right, for those who want to learn more of the basics we've put a link to an excellent document put together by the BBC. Like most things they do it's well written and easy to work through. You can open it up in a new window on your computer and then save a copy to your own hard drive.

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