Cryptic Crosswords – More Information

Cryptic Crosswords - More Information

Our Objectives

  • to learn
  • to practice
  • and solve those beastly things known as the cryptic crossword! 

Meeting Frequency

Our meetings usually take place in members’ homes on a rotational basis. The group members receive and email prior to the next meeting with details of:

Time, location and date.

Our meetings usually last for around two hours.

Members are expected to respond to the email sent out by the group convenor to let them know if they can make the meeting.

Ability Level

We welcome anyone to the group. Einstein types to the very dimmest, like most of us!

More seriously…

To the inexperienced solver, cryptic crosswords can seem like complete nonsense. I recall looking at a cryptic for the first time (with the answers!), being completely lost by how the clues in front of me could possibly give the solution.

Those who engage their brains to solve the clues is to understand that ALL cryptic crossword clues follow a prescribed set of rules that once understood, can be used to easily decipher even the toughest of clues. Our objective is to teach you how to properly approach a cryptic crossword by breaking down each clue into easily solvable parts.

The key is not to be intimidated and to 'learn' how to approach the clues and understand the mind of the complier.

To quote the meercat, 'Simples'!