Excursion – Royal Historic Dockyard at Chatham – 13th March 2018 – Gallery

We visited the Royal Historic Dockyard at Chatham on 13th March 2018. The pictures were provided by members who went on the trip

About Our Visit…

The Excursions Group took fifty of our members on Tuesday 13th March to see this delightful piece of naval history. This dockyard is the oldest naval dockyard in the world. Compared with the other two major dockyards, Portsmouth and Devonport, it's much smaller. But it packs in a great deal of incredible exhibits; ships, a submarine, the Ropery, which is commercially manufacturing rope today, and lots of other exhibits too numerous to mention. It made it a memorable day.

It also has a beautiful Memorial to the Destroyers from the Second World War. Many ships that went down in various conflicts and this is one of those sombre moments when we remember the sacrifices made by so many. We will always remember them. (Plenty of pictures of it in the gallery.)

The dockyard has been used for several well known television programmes, notably 'Call The Midwife' and 'Selfridges', but also many others. Dockyards like this rely on generating other sources of income and it's a perfect location for period dramas.

We had a really enjoyable day… and the journey there was also good! We arrived on time and also got back to CSP in reasonable time too. Not bad considering we had to go around the M25!

The gallery has lots of pictures. We will be making a video in the form of a slideshow in due course. Members will be sent an email when this is done. Expect some rousing music from our famous Royal Marines Bands!

Many thanks to David Brodie, Val Hadfield, Val Smith and John Hardwick for submitting their photographs for the gallery of this trip.

(There are also some from our webmaster who didn't attend on the day but did go there back in 2016 to reminisce on his time in the navy. Sad eh?)


We hope you enjoy the photographs. In all we currently have about 244 of them. All you have to do is click on any image and then scroll through them at your leisure. Simply click off any picture to exit the gallery.