Excursion to Mapledurham: June 2015 – Slideshow With Music

Mapledurham Slideshow, with music

The videos in the Gallery are 'borrowed' from YouTube. What does this mean?  One of the issues with embedding videos into a website is that the hosting company can charge more in monthly fees if you use too much 'bandwidth' (Think of this like using gas or electricity, the more you use the more you pay for, what it is or how it works doesn't really matter!) and it can get a bit costly if lots of members view the videos.  How do we get around this? Well, we simply upload the video we want to share to a website like YouTube. Then we can insert a bit of magic code (it's called 'embedding') into our website and then it's YouTube that pay for the extra bandwidth.  The quality is also not as good because YouTube do restrict the size of the file you can upload. If the file is small then I'm afraid quality suffers. The only other (marginal) downside is that they reserve the right to display adverts on the front of the video. This isn't really a problem because you can click on the little x in the top right hand corner of the advertisement and it goes away!