Excursions – Visit to the Morgan Car Factory in Malvern

We visited the Morgan Motor Company Factory in January 2018

The visit to the Morgan Car Factory in Malvern gave members the opportunity to see a unique company that was established there in 1909. The Morgan family still own all of the shares, and their workforce over the years has been very loyal.

Their staff turnover is very low and many of the employees have service between a year to forty plus years.

Morgan is a niche player in the sports car market. They have an full order book and a customer will wait about one year to receive their car.

Each car is bespoke for every customer who can specify  exactly what he or she wants. The only thing you can't have is an automatic gear box. Only one car made has ever had an auto box, and that was for the MD's wife!

The people who make the cars on their assembly line are multi-skilled. They can move around the plant and be asked to do any task. On average it takes around 37 hours to make one car, from start to finish. Customers, when they collect their car, either from the factory, or elsewhere, receive a photographic record of their car being made.

The average price is around £50,000 for each car. The resale values hold up very well, and often sell for more than the owner paid for his or her car.

The coach left Chalfont St Peter at 8.15am and arrived in Malvern about 10.30am. The first thing on our arrival was to have a cup of tea or coffee and then we were treated to short film that lasted around ten minutes. The film covered the history of the company from it's beginnings in 1909.

After the film we broke in to three groups and each group had a tour guide to explain the processes that happen on the production line. We toured three buildings in all, and finished with a chance to visit the Morgan Motor Company museum. Each member was given a radio receiver that allowed us all to hear the commentary very clearly. With the noise in the factory (including the radios in each building!) it gave all of us a chance to hear properly what was being said. Very clever and extremely practical. (There is a picture of them in the gallery below, and you will see members wearing them on their preferred ear!)

The company make about 350 cars each year and 70% of their orders go to overseas buyers.

We left at around 3pm and returned to CSP at about 5.30pm.

Feedback has been very good. We had a great day, learned a lot about this delightful company and all managed to escape without buying a Morgan! (Well, at least we think we did!)

We've put a link below to their website. All we advise is that you don't try and haggle on price. No discount are given to members of the public!

Mmc 001
Mmc 038

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