Family History 2 - More Information

Our Objective

  • We aim to explore the excitement of our family history and share our research methods and discoveries so we can learn from each other.

Meeting Format

Either Group Discussions where everyone contributes, or a talk by a group member (or members) on some aspect of their family history or a particular area of research. We sometimes use the u3a laptop and projector to show pictures or a power point presentation.


We have a friendly break for coffee/tea and biscuits.


Ideas for our meetings come from members of the group, whether it be a topic for discussion or a volunteer with a story to tell.


We include all levels of experience.

Can You Help?

Even if you have limited experience or knowledge of family history, Is it possible that you could lead a group? If we can find a convenor and sufficient numbers of members then it's possible to start the extra group. If you're willing to help then get in touch with Jan or Mary and they will their best to help get an extra group off the ground!