Garden Visits – More Information

Garden Visits - More Information

Our Objectives

  • To visit a wide variety of gardens suggested by members, mainly focussed on local gardens but including some which are further away.
  • To gain ideas, inspiration and knowledge from our visits which will help us become better gardeners in our own gardens
  • To broaden our appreciation of gardens through visits and through possible talks out of season
  • To focus our local visits mainly on those gardens which are open only for group visitsTo socialise with other group members, encourage discussion and enjoy sharing our views with each other

More About Our Garden Visits

  • We aim to visit local gardens once a month between April and the end of September.
  • In addition, we aim to have 2 coach trips between May and September to gardens which are further afield.
  • We will aim to visit gardens on a variety of different days including weekends if possible.
  • We will aim to have one/two other meetings/activities over the Winter months
  • Members must notify the convenor by the date specified if they wish to go on a visit and make prompt payment for trips when requested.

Ability Level

Anyone interested in gardens and learning about gardens is welcome. We are not a “expert” group but represent a range of levels of knowledge about gardening, garden design and plants. Our purpose is to have enjoyable visits and share our views and thoughts about the different gardens we visit.

The expectation is that members will arrange their own transport to get to the local garden visits. Members are encouraged to arrange to share transport with each other and this will be facilitated by the circulation of contact details for those attending each visit.


If any member is not able to organise transport or a lift with a member who lives nearby they should contact the convenor.

Information about accessibility of the gardens will be provided. Visits are likely to require a degree of fitness and mobility. If a member requires support for the visit they are responsible for organising for a helper to accompany them on the visit