London Walks - More Information

Our Objectives


  • to arrange walks around London with a guide

  • to meet other members of our U3A

  • to socialise with group members to get to know them better

Meeting Frequency

Currently not every month, but members of the group will be informed when a walk is planned.

Meeting Format

We meet up close to the start of each walk 15 minutes before the walk commences. Usually, when we engage a guide, the walk continues for about one to one and half hours.

At the end of the walk we try and arrange a meet in a pub or café so we can socialise and get to know each other.

Communication of London Walks

All members of the London Walks group receive an email from the Group Convenor with details of the next planned walk.

When this information is received the member then writes back to the Group Convenor to say they would like to attend.

The details of the next planned walk will be circulated to all of those members who have said they would like to attend, usually at least two weeks before the walk is due to take place.