New Experiences – Gallery 2017 to 2018

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The Gallery was last updated December 2018

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In early December 2018, 34 members were really keen to try the Escape Room.  This is where you are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to escape by finding various clues and unlocking padlocks to discover more clues.  What we didn't expect was that we would be blindfolded and handcuffed together and then left in a dark room.  It took quite a few of our minutes to find lights and several more to find a key to open our padlocks before we could start to try to escape from the room.  We had 6 different Escape Room groups.  Some managed to escape and others didn't but all enjoyed the experience.  11 of us combined this with a murder mystery game.  Guessing the murderer was a bit of a lottery but several of us managed it.

18 of us went paintballing on October 23rd 2018.  Some were dragooned into it but were glad they went afterwards.  Some of us spent a lot of time hiding behind oil drums trying not to be hit but others were very gung ho.  There were a few bruises but we all survived to fight another day.  Our two teams drew 36-36.

We tried our hand at windsurfing on October 5th 2018.  It proved to be quite difficult, particularly since there was absolutely no wind but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

We combined Orienteering with a Scavenger Hunt in Black Park in August 2018.  We had great fun on the Go Ape course in Black Park in late May 2018.  There were a few scary moments but we all emerged unscathed with nothing worse than trousers full of woodshavings.  In April 2018 we tried the Go-Karting course in Aylesbury.  As our circuits were timed this resulted in some very competitive overtaking.

We had great fun paddleboarding on a sweltering day in June 2018.  It was easier than we expected and most people managed to stand up and paddle away.  Most of us fell off at some point but the water was very warm and we didn't have much trouble getting back on.

Our second painting workshop in March 2018.  What masterpieces!

In January 2018 we tried our hand at indoor skydiving.  Now we know what it feels like perhaps we'll try the real thing.

In October 2017 18 of us travelled to Herrings Green Farm to take part in a field sports day.  We tried rifle shooting, archery and crossbows with some success.  Then laser clay pigeon shooting with success for some but abject failure for others, followed by knife throwing (abject failure all round).  It looks so easy at the circus!!  However, we all had a great time and notched up a few new experiences.

In February 2018 several of us tried climbing at The Climb in Amersham.  We surprised ourselves by all managing the climb right to the top.

On 28th December 2017 we held a murder mystery party.  The setting was a Hollywood Awards ceremony and many attendees dressed the part.  As well as working out who the murderer was, excerpts from new films were acted out, resulting in much laughter all round.

Img 20171228 200905
  • In early December 2017 a group of us went to "Unique Like You" in Chalfont St Peter to paint some ceramics for Christmas presents and decorations.  We were all pleased with our unique creations.
Img 20171207 154852

In October 2017, ten members attended a painting workshop and attempted to paint something similar to Monet's Poppies.  As you can see from the photo, despite most of us being convinced we were hopeless, we all managed to produce a masterpiece and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

In September 2017 we went white water rafting on the Olympic course at Trent Valley White Water Centre.  It was scary, very wet but absolutely brilliant fun and we all managed to stay in the raft.

In September 2017 a group of us tried sailing at the Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre.  Much to some people's horror we were let loose in our own boats.  After no wind at all, when we were hardly moving, suddenly a big gust of wind proved disastrous for a couple of us.

We went to the Chalfonts St Giles Lawn Bowls Club on Tuesday 1 August 2017. The pictures show how good we all were. 🙂

8 drowned rats after our 2nd new experience in May 2017- a Segway Safari in Black Park on the wettest day of the year.  Great fun was had whizzing through all the puddles.

Segway2 May 17

Group members at our first new experience in April 2017 - a treasure hunt in Chalfont St Peter

Treasurehuntgroup 001