New Experiences – Gallery 2019

New Experiences - Gallery 2019

Ten-Pin Bowling - December 2019

As a pre-Christmas treat, 23 of us went ten-pin bowling at Hollywood Bowl in Wycombe.  Experience ranged from none at all to clearly quite a lot as the scores in each game ranged from 24 to 153 (a magnificent performance from Gio including 3 consecutive strikes).  Great fun on a wet December afternoon.

Gin making - November 2019

A very different new experience this time.  21 of us made our very own bottles of gin.  We started by sampling various gins and sniffing and tasting various additives and botanicals.  We decided on our recipes and weighed our ingredients and combined them.  After an hour's steeping we filtered and labelled our own gin.

Samba Drumming - October 2019

38 members came along to a samba drumming workshop.  We learnt to play various samba instruments to various rhythms creating a tremendous wall of sound.  Our band was called Pandemonium, a very apt description.

Glass Art - October 2019

36 members came along to two glass art sessions where we made sun-catchers and coasters using powdered glass.  There were some very artistic creations.

Archery - September 2019

The White Mark Bowmen Archery Club welcomed 19 of us with coffee and biscuits and a very comprehensive archery experience.  We had a chance to shoot at several different targets in the woods.  Everyone agreed it was a great morning and one person even joined the club!

Orienteering - August 2019

After having tried the Orienteering Course in Black Park last summer, we tried Langley Park this year.  The course was much harder and only 4 of the 13 groups found all 15 control points.  This involved much tramping around in the undergrowth.  But congratulations to those groups who found them and everyone else had a lovely walk in the park.

Segway - July 2019

After our first attempt at Segway in 2017 was very wet we decided to have another go.  Luckily this was a beautiful sunny day and we were soon whizzing along all the forest paths in Black Park.

Sailing - June 2019

At the end of June, nine of us had a go at sailing.  This time we had a lovely sunny day with some wind, though it was very variable.  Several of us capsized, though luckily the water wasn't cold and we managed to get back in the boat again and have fun whizzing across the water.  Unfortunately getting out of the boats at the end proved to be the most difficult part for some people.

Climbing the O2 - June 2019

Then in June, 32 of us climbed over the top of the O2. The fabric walkway was very steep to start with and led up to a viewing platform at the top. Luckily the rain more or less held off and we all descended safely.


Zumba - May 2019

Much less scary – though possibly more exhausting – was the Zumba taster session in May. Who would have thought it would be so hard to follow a few basic steps. More practice required!


Cycling in the Velodrome - May 2019

To further prove our invincibility, sixteen of us attempted to replicate our Olympic heroes in May 2019 by cycling around the Velodrome in which all those gold medals were won. When we realised the bikes had no brakes, we were far too high to touch the ground, our feet were strapped to the pedals and that fixed wheel meant we couldn’t stop pedalling without having a nasty accident, we were not feeling quite so brave. Nonetheless, we persevered and were soon whizzing around at the top of a very steep slope.


Walking on Glass - April 2019

In April thirteen brave souls decided to test their mettle by ‘walking on glass’. Everyone rose to the challenge and emerged (almost) unscathed, thus proving to themselves that they were invincible.


Circus Skills - March 2019

Then to round off March 2019 a circus workshop had us all trying to juggle, spin plates and ride unicycles. Not as easy as it looks I’m afraid.


Barn Dance - March 2019

In March a very successful barn dance was attended by 55 enthusiastic dancers. Although some had trouble remembering the moves, especially as the evening wore on, that just made it more fun.


Painting Workshops - March 2019

More of the successful painting workshops were held in March.  20 members, who thought they couldn't paint, produced very realistic seascapes and Highland cows.


Jiving Lesson - January 2019

About 30 of us attempted a jiving lesson in January.  The instructor was very patient - he needed to be.  We were all jiving (and exhausted) by the end but have now forgotten everything we learnt.