Photography Group – 2018 Photographic Gallery

The Photography Group met up each month and went to various locations throughout the year. The pictures in this gallery are the submissions for our social gathering on Monday 3rd December.

Note: they are not all necessarily taken on our trips out. Some are of other places that members visited during the course of the year.

2018 Photographs

This video is a compilation of the pictures with accompanying music. 

We have used to source the video. This means you may see an advert occasionally. It may stop whilst the advert plays and will then continue playing.

Below the slideshow is the gallery of the individual images. Scroll down page to see them.

To view the pictures in full size click any of the images. You can then scroll through the images by clicking on the one that's open. You can also use the arrows either side of the picture to move forwards and backwards.

To exit the full size click outside the image that's showing and it takes you back to the collage.