Pilates - More Information

Our aim:

  • to provide the opportunity to enjoy a healthy Pilates class with guidance from a trained person. 

Meeting Frequency

We plan to meet once a week.

Length of Session


Class Activities


About Joining the Group

Go to the Contact Form link (above right of the two links) and register your interest with the Group Convenor

Group Size 

We have set a limit on the group size at 18.

Chalfonts U3A is committed to starting second and subsequent groups. Because our first group is now full, with a waiting list we want to progress start another Pilates group.

All we need for that to happen is for someone to step forward to act as the Group Convenor and Administrator. So please volunteer to do this if you want the second group to get underway.

Contact our Group Coordinator to express your interest by using the link below which takes you to their Contact Form…