Rummikub - More Information

Our Objectives

  • To spend a friendly informal evening playing Rummikub in 2 or 3 groups depending on the number attending.
  • Rummikub is a game played with counters very similar to the playing cards Rummy and is easy to learn.


New members with no knowledge of the game are welcome. Anyone new to the game should find it easy to pick pick up.

Will I need my own Rummikub set?

No. You do not need to own a set of Rummikub. There will be current members who have a set you can play with.

Meeting Details

We meet once a month, on the last Tuesday evening of the month at 7.30pm in members' homes.

Members are notified in advanced of the date of the next meeting and venue.

More About Rummikub

If you wish to find out more about Rummikub the easiest way it to go to any search engine and type in 'Rummikub' or 'Rummikub rules'. You will get lots of pages returned and you can then decide which page to go to in order to find out more. Wikipedia has a comprehensive page that explains the rules and also goes in the history of the game.