Sunday Group – More Information

Sunday Group - More Information

Our Objectives

  • To run a range of outings and activities for people who want to do something on a Sunday
  • To vary the outings so that they appeal to people of all ages (we currently have membership from age 60 to 91)
  • Car sharing for all of our events means that people who don’t drive can still come out (making a contribution to petrol)

More Information

So far the group has been to Pinewood Cinema, for pub lunches, visited garden centres, open gardens, NT properties, the bluebells in the woods followed by lunch at Denham Garden Village and a market with a walk around Black Park. Some of us even had a walk across the fields from Chalfont St Peter to Chalfont St Giles on Easter Sunday.

Our outings always include somewhere for refreshments – most important! – and often an opportunity for Sunday lunch for those of us that are on our own and don’t want to cook for ourselves in the evening.

Those that don’t want a full lunch can buy a snack at the places we visit.

Ideas are welcome from within our membership.

Frequency of Meetings:

Members are sent an email letting them know in advance, the next few events.

Length of meetings:

Some of these events take most of the day, such as our visit to Long Crenden open gardens, which included a 2 and a 1/2 hour lunch and chat.

We have also had coffee mornings in member’s houses, which are shorter occasions – just a couple of hours.

Maximum membership – 25

Current membership - 21