Tai Chi Beginners More Information

Tai Chi Beginners - More Information

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To make the Tai Chi arts available to all
  • To promote the Taoist Concept of Health through the practice of the Taoist arts
  • To promote cultural exchange
  • To help members use Tai Chi for their health and well being

Ability Level

We have two groups, and this group is aimed at members who have little or no experience of Tai Chi.

We are dedicated to bringing these arts to every member who seeks it, so that their many benefits are available to all who wish to experience them.

Practised diligently, the Taoist arts cultivate good health as understood by Taoism. Our efforts are directed at making these benefits better known and understood, in order to promote the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing in the community.

Through these arts and through other activities, we endeavour to make the richness of Chinese culture more accessible, and thereby to promote greater understanding and respect among people.