Textiles - More Information

Our Objectives

  • to provide a meeting place for members who are interested in any form of textiles, to meet up and share knowledge and ideas
  • to meet in a social setting so that we can sew and chat...the latter being most important
  • to inspire members to try different skills by providing the occasional 'workshop'

Meeting Frequency

We meet on the third Thursday of each month in the Mary Smithells Room, Chalfont St. Peter Community Centre.  The meetings are held from 2.00 - 4.00 pm.

Room Charge

Room hire costs are subsidised from the central Chalfonts U3A funds and we ask each member attending to make a maximum contribution of £1, irrespective of how many actually attend a meeting.


Ability Level

This is not an instructional group, so members usually have a range of sewing/knitting/crocheting/beading skills 'under their belt'.  Anything goes....this group provides an ideal opportunity to witness a variety of skills being carried out and, perhaps, to take on a new skill that appeals.  We are, above all else, friendly and willing to share and take on new ideas.


We plan to invite Speakers to visit our group occasionally to provide an input of new ideas and skills.  In this instance, we would be asking members to contribute a small amount in addition to the £1 session attendance fee, towards Speaker's fees.


Our group meetings are always social events.....but we will aim to have social 'get togethers' at various times during the year for a natter without needles!!!

If this appeals.....do come along to see what we're up to.