Theatre Trips – News

Theatre Trips - News

update - October 2023

Chichester Festival Theatre - Tuesday 15th August Our merry band of theatre-goers having arrived in Chichester then dispersed into the lovely
attractive town, of course technically a city because of its historic 900-year-old cathedral. Some of the group spent time wining, dining, and enjoying the retail delights before arriving in time for the matinee at 2.30. We were then entranced by the superb performance, excellent acting and singing, it was a joyous 2 3/4 hours which will live long in the memory. There will be no problem if we make this an annual feature of our programme for years to come. The whole day was enhanced by the beautiful weather.

September was a trip to see Phantom of the Opera, and this was a new version of the show but proved to be a great success and everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time.

October is our month of no-shows, but we have The Mill at Sonning as well as Carols at the Albert Hall to look forward to. This is a large group, and we are going to contact everyone to see if they still want to be part of it. In the meantime, thanks for your continuing support, Angela Windsor, and Howard Dawson joint convenors.

Howard Dawson Joint Theatre Group Convenor.

update - August 2023

We had a change of plans this month as the Lyric Theatre informed us that the trip to Aspects of Love was now ending on 19th August instead of our planned trip in September. After many calls and emails, we managed to fill all seats for the show and everyone headed off on 25th July to see the show. It turned out to be a fun evening and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. Our next trip is to Cirencester to see The Sound of Music and also explore the town and am sure it will be a fun day.

Thank you everyone for being so willing to change plans and fill up empty seats so that we can continue to see these great shows.

Hoping at some point we will have a day without rain and a good rest of the summer.

Angela Windsor and Howard Dawson, convenors

update - July 2023

This month we had our theatre trip to Mrs. Doubtfire on 15th June which was a great success and an uplifting evening with everyone seeming to have had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.
When we were returning to the coach one of our group unfortunately fell and two very helpful American servicemen helped her onto the coach and couldn’t do enough for her - what a credit they were to their country and their training.
July is our month with no trips and the next one is on 15th August to Chichester which I am sure will be very enjoyable.
Thank you all again for your continuing support so that we can continue to run these theatre trips.

Angela Windsor and Howard Dawson - convenors

Update - June 2023

This month we had our second outing to Oklahoma on 9th May. Having got tickets for two performances the show met with mixed reviews and not everyone enjoyed it but unfortunately that’s the nature of theatre visits - can’t please everyone all the time!
We are going to see Mrs Doubtfire on 15th June and hope this will be a great success.  Thank you all for supporting the group and we will continue to arrange the theatre visits and hope everyone enjoys the forthcoming shows.

Angela Windsor and Howard Dawson - convenors

Update - January 2023

Our year ended with a trip to Top Hat at the Mill at Sonning which was great fun and a very enjoyable way to start the festive season.
Now 2023 is here we have a series of shows that we are going to with Noises Off on 26th January
and on 9th February there’s Witness for the Prosecution.
It’s going to continue to be a busy year for our group and this is thanks to the amazing support and interest from our members.

Update - November 2022

Thank you everyone for your support for our new committee – it was big shoes to fill after Sheila and Danny, but we are trying hard.
Life continues to be busy for us – Top Hat in a couple of weeks, Witness for the Prosecution and Moulin Rouge in the new year and the possibility of Noises Off – so watch this space. Thank you everyone for responding and paying promptly as this makes the bookings so much easier.
Watch this space for more exciting events in 2023!
Any suggestions for possible performances you’d like to see please contact either Angela or Howard with your suggestion and we will see if we can accommodate it.

Update - October 2022

Firstly a huge thank you to Sheila and Danny for all their hard work running the group.

We are a group of 5 trying to carry on the good work. The joint Convenors are Angela Windsor and Howard Dawson ably supported by Elaine Watts, Sandra Dawson, Juliet Crussell and Sandie Webb.

We have managed to get our first outing organised to The Mill at Sonning to see Top Hat. We have lots planned for next year and will keep everyone informed. We are currently getting availability for Oklahoma which met with a hugely positive response.
Thank you for bearing with us as we get to grips with everything and will definitely have lots for you all next year.
Angela Windsor, convenor