We are a supportive and relaxed U3A, and aim to provide a variety of events and interests to our members.

We want to help every member get the most out of their membership.

This page gives you information on:

  • Qualification for Membership
  • Annual Membership Subscription
  • Room Hire Contribution
  • Applying for Membership

Annual Membership Subscription

Membership Year runs from: 1st April to 31st March. The annual membership subscription:  £20 per member. **
For any new member joining after 1st October the subscription is £14. **
**Note: The annual subscription helps Chalfonts U3A to function but
does not include any costs for putting on special events like, for example, trips to the theatre, excursions etc. When members participate in events like these there will be additional costs paid by each member as required.

Room Hire Contribution
Interest Groups that use facilities outside of the Chalfont St Peter Community Centre, members may be asked to pay a small contribution towards the hire of the session they’re attending.

Do you qualify to be a member?
If you are an adult, i.e. aged over 18, you can join the U3A. The only requirement is that you're not in full-time PAID employment.

Applying for Membership

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To become a member of Chalfonts U3A you will need to complete the Membership Form (Press the button below and the form will open up in a new tab/window. If you have a printer you will be able to print it off.)

This website should provide you with the information you need to consider joining Chalfonts U3A. On the main menu bar you will find a our Contact Us page. Go there and you can send us a message if you need further help.

About Gift Aid…

Any UK taxpayer can choose to have part of their income tax paid over to a registered charity. Because The Third Age Trust has charitable status this means we can boost our membership donations by 25 pence for every £1 we receive.

The benefit? We can use the extra monies we receive for the benefit of our members'. The "How Gift Aid Works" button below will take you to the official government website which explains how Gift Aid works…