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All links on this page are advisory only. Under the Financial Services and MarketsAct 2000 only qualified advisors are allowed to give any form of investment advice. Please note that some products are not covered the the FSA.
It's always good to check with your own personal financial advisor and it makes clear that whilst it is doing the best it can, it cannot be responsible for financial decisions by those who read its 'stuff'.
All users of websites like the ones shown need to do their own due diligence before making any decisions on articles it posts.
Money Saving Expert
Some years ago a financial journalist, Martin Lewis, set up a website that aimed to help people with all things to do with money.
It covers virtually everything 'money-related.Its main principle is to give ordinary people independent analysis on a range of financial topics from borrowing, mortgages, savings, insurance (of all types), utility use etc.
It's become the port of call for millions of ordinary souls who need guidance on all things money. However, it does not give advice only guidance.
Which - Consumer Advice
Frequently these days the news is often about 'scammers'. Fraudsters are everywhere and they sound plausible and can be very persuasive.
Even the most intelligent people can be misled into believing someone who calls offering good advice, but they are doing so under false pretences.
This article from the consumer watchdog, Which, is about how to spot the psychological scams that are perpetrated.


Radio Time Money
 The BBC Money Box programme is a non-biased, non-commercial broadcast that aims to cut through the myriad of 'marketing' to help those less savvy consumers make the most of their money.
In conjunction with the Radio Times Money website they offer good advice on a range of financial topics.
The link takes you to the Radio Times Money front page of their website.