Monthly Meeting – March 2018

   The Oregon Trail   

Guest Speaker

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Roger Shaw was our guest speaker for this month. He has lived and worked in the USA for a number of years and has travelled extensively to the part of America he came to talk about. The Oregon Trail has been written into history and he spoke authoritatively on his subject. He shared some fascinating facts about this famous trail that took hundreds of thousands of migrants from the east coast of America to the west coast.


This video explains about the Oregon Trail and the risks the migrants took to try and achieve a better life for themselves. Those that made it through were granted land to start their homesteads on the west side of the USA.

(Note: we've linked this video from youtube, so be aware you may have an advert pop up at some point. Just click on the little x in the corner of the ad to make it go away!)


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Roger is in the centre of this photograph, with some of our members.

We had another splendid turn out for Roger's talk. The photographs were taken of our members both during and after the meeting.

Further down the page we've added photographs in a Gallery. Most of the pictures were used in Roger's talk.

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