Photography Group – 2016 Meeting Schedule

2016 Month by Month

So far we've planned for this year…

Date: Thursday 24 January, 
Time: 2pm-4pm

Meet at CSP Community Library
Go out and photograph any aspect of the village you wish
Then meet back at the Madeira Cafe for tea etc at around 3.30pm
(Or earlier if it's cold!

Date: Thursday 25 February, 
Time: 2pm-4pm
Meet at CSP Community Library
Go through photographs we took in Windsor & Eton (Nov. 2015),
and CSP (Jan 2016)

Date: Thursday 24 March, 
Time: 10.30am-1pm

Meet at CSP Community Centre, or travel to Chesham yourself
Meet at The Drawing Room café, Chesham at 11am
Topics: texture, colours red and yellow
Address: Francis Yard, East St, Chesham HP5 1DG
Link to Drawing Room website:
The Drawing Room, Francis Yard, Chesham
Date: Monday 25 April, 
Time: 2pm-4pm

Meet at CSP Community Centre at 1.30pm, or travel to Beaconsfield under
your own steam.
Meet at TO BE ADVISED, Beaconsfield 2pm
Topics: texture, buildings, colours blue and green
Date: To Be Advised

Date: To Be Advised