Virtual u3a


What skills do you need to make the most of vU3A? You need to know your way round a mouse, to be able to use a keyboard and to use the internet. The fact you've found this page tells us you're more than capable of making the most of vU3A. 🙂

The Virtual U3A allows you to do two things:

1   to pursue your hobbies, interests and passions, and

2   to make lots of new friends from all around the world

And you never get soaking wet, much too hot, or snowbound!
(Oh yes, and no traffic jams. That's a real bonus.)

All you do is join and then do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Find out more by visiting their website…

Early history of the vU3A


In 2003 there was a small group of u3a members who proposed a 'Virtual' u3a for people who, for one reason or another, could not attend meetings of conventional local U3A groups. Using the Internet would make it possible for such people to benefit from a Virtual University of the Third Age, or vU3A.


It took a surprisingly long time to germinate and get something established to serve the vU3A. What we all wanted to create was something of the facilities and atmosphere of a typical u3a group – but on the Internet.

First members

A group of pioneers now set to work, seeking to establish the viability of a vU3A by pursuing projects designed to be worked on collaboratively. It was to prove interesting to witness the success of these various experiments in bringing together a group of strangers from various parts of the world, a process which in some cases has led to lasting friendships.

Move to become a u3a group

The vU3A is now an independently run u3a group affiliated to The Third Age Trust just like any other.

Note: We also have a link to the Virtual U3A in the footer bar on this website in the Useful u3a Links

Virtual u3a has lots of Interest Groups just like any other. The easiest way to find out more is to visit their Website and explore what they do.


Below is a short video presentation on how the Virtual u3a works…
(This is also available on the Virtual U3A website on their Home Page)


Virtual u3a even have their own Coffee Shop! Note: Because it's 'virtual' they do ask that you bring your own preferred drink of your choice to the table. The good news is that they have a alcohol licence for the hard stuff too. (How many Coffee Shops do you know that have a licence to serve alcohol!)