WordPress & Web Design – More Information

This will depend on how many members want to get involved. Maximum numbers we could take is around thirty. 


  • This is what we intend to do…

    the basics behind every website using HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

  • how to design a website using the Content Management System (CMS), WordPress

  • how to use WordPress Plugins to help with functionality and design

  • how to buy your own domain name and also how to get your website up on the 'net so others can see your presence

  • how to set up a 'blog' (short for weblog) and tell your audience your view on life, in whatever form that takes!

  • other stuff about websites and web design that we think might be fun and useful. If all goes well then we can continue the group for other interesting stuff too.

    Don't Know Much About Computers or Code?

     Please, don't let that stop you joining the group. The aim of the group is to develop new skills on how the (fabulous) Internet works. We welcome anyone to come along and join us, at whatever level of skill you currently have. If you can use a web browser to find 'stuff' then you have enough skill to get going and find out how it all works.
Meeting Frequency
 This will be fortnightly on a Monday morning, from 10.30am through to 1.30pm with a break in the middle for tea or coffee, a walk around and social chat.
 How Long Will The 'Course' Last?
 This will depend on how quickly people will pick things up. The intention is for members of the group to carry on a bit of 'homework' to practice what we've done in the previous session. The hope is that by end of our time you can be confident in building your own website using wordpress.
Will I need specialist equipment?
If you have internet access at home then it means you have a computer. Whilst it's possible to use a tablet (i.e. iPad or something similar) it will be easier to have a desktop or a laptop computer
It would also be helpful if you also had a laptop that you could bring to the meetings, but the aim is to teach via the CSP Community Library's Audio/Visual System, so it's not essential.
So, just watching and learning will be sufficient. I will then give you some further information for you to go and practice at home, ready for the next meeting.
Next Step…
Send me a message that you're interested via the Group Contact Form on the left of this page. If you're a 'beginner' with no knowledge, just say 'beginner'; if you have some knowledge then just outline briefly what you currently know.
If you're very competent then just say I'm a real pro! (I suspect there won't be too many of those but if there are that's good as you can help with some of the projects we will be doing, or giving assistance to others with little or no knowledge.)