Thames Valley Network

The Thames Valley Network is a conglomerate of a3a's in the Thames Valley region.

Below you will find a link to the TVN but this is their stated 'object':

The Objects of Thames Valley u3a Network are to advance the education of members of u3a's in the network.

Also to encourage the provision of leisure activities for their social welfare by facilitating cooperation between u3a's in the network

Why is Chalfonts U3A a member of the TVN?

Sometimes we may not be able to put on a particular event ourselves because there aren't enough of our own members to make up the numbers. The concept of the TVN is to enable all members within the network to have access to events that members of Chalfonts u3a can participate in, if they're interested.

Put simply, being a member of the TVN means any of our members can
participate in the events they organise.