Our Committee

Our Committee

At the Annual General Meeting of the Chalfonts u3a (July 2022), your current committee was elected and is set out below.

All committee members are available to answer any questions you have, so please seek any of them out if you have any queries, or require assistance.

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Jane Barker 2

Jane Barker
email : chair@chalfontsu3a.org.uk


Vice Chair
Eileen Powell
email : vicechair@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

Christinewhite Financeofficer

Chris White
email : treasurer@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

Maureeen Green Cropped

Membership Secretary
Maureen Green
email : membershipsecretary@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

Geoff Clegg

Speaker Coordinator
Geoff Clegg
email : speakercoordinator@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

Christinehardwick Secretary

Christine Harkwick
email : secretary@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

Vince Barker

Beacon Administrator
Vince Barker
email : beaconadmin@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

David Powell 2

Newsletter & Publicity
David Powell
email : newsletters@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

Lesley Bedford

Interest Group Coordinator
Lesley Bedford
email : groupcoordinator@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

Christine Hillis

Finance Officer
Christine Hillis
email : financeofficer@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

Chalfonts Mm 12022020 2

Gary Tomlin
email : webmaster@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

John Krushner

John Krushner
email : projects@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

David Burbridge
david burbidge


Val Smith
Val Smith


Previous Committee Members

Presentation To Sooty And Geoff
Davidb Helen1
Davidb Davide

At the end of our second successful year two of our committee members, Helen Whitlum and David Edwards, resigned from the committee. Both Helen and David were part of the original volunteers who stepped forward to help us set up Chalfonts U3A and we are grateful for their enormous contribution to our success.

Geoff Glover too was part of the original team and our vice chair from March 2015 until the end of April 2018.

On behalf of all our members we thank them for their service and dedication to helping us in the initial set up and growth. Without them Chalfonts U3A would not have been as successful as it has been!