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Posted on 4th January 2020

The Light Between Oceans by Margot L Stedman

This is a friendly group of people who meet in each other’s houses once a month on Thursday afternoons. We discuss the book that we've just read, then choose a new book from three presented by one of our members. "Discuss" sounds rather academic for what we do,we are just a group of people who love reading and like to get together over a cup of tea and biscuits to talk about books.

We take it in turns to choose a book, so we get a variety of genres; mostly modern 20th and 21st century novels set all over the world, with the occasional historical novel or biography. I found that the group was a real benefit to me, as I was getting stuck in a rut, only reading my favourite authors whom I knew I would enjoy, and missing out on all the exciting, different books that are out there.

‘The Light Between Oceans’ by Margot L Stedman is our next read and we will meet on Thursday January 23rd 2-4pm

If this sounds like you, come and give it a try.  Contact Alyson Klein at