macOS Computing Group meeting held on 8th August 2022

macOS Computing Group Meeting 8th August 2022

Meeting Content

  • what3words geo location website and app
  • Doug gave an introduction to the Apple Photos Appllication
  • We investigated how photos are stored in icloud and on the mac
  • We had a look at the free photo editior - GNU Image Manipulation Program, link below

A little detail on the meeting…

Some members where not seeing their recently added photos in the photos app on their mobile device and after some discussion and investigation it seems they need to be imported into the photos application on the mac.

This is the link to the GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

There are many tutorial videos on Youtube, this is one of the most up to date ones

We also had a look at what3words and you can look at the web interface by clicking the link below: