Scrabble – More Information

Scrabble - More Information

Group objectives

To enable U3A members to meet on a regular basis to play friendly but competitive games of Scrabble against each other.

Group activities

We play two rounds each evening we meet, rotating the players each time we meet.

More information

The majority of our members host our meetings in their homes on a rotational basis.


Our Scrabble group currently has a full complement of members. However, if you have an interest in joining the group please send a message to express your interest. When a vacancy becomes available the Group Convenor we will let you know.

Can You Start Another Scrabble Group?

Chalfonts U3A is committed to helping as many of our members as possible to enjoy any hobby or pastime they wish to pursue.

As long as a member is prepared to lead a group then there is no reason why a second (and subsequent) group cannot be formed to meet the needs of our members.

Please get in touch with the current group leaders who will put your name on our waiting list. We will endeavour to find a member of our current group who may be able to get second group off the ground.

Can You Help?

Even if you have limited experience or knowledge of any subject, Is it possible that you could lead a group? If we can find a convenor and sufficient numbers of members then it's possible to start the extra group. If you're willing to help then get in touch with Anne and she will her best to help get an extra group off the ground!