Singing For Pleasure – More Information

Singing for Pleasure - More Information

Our Objectives

  • To sing and discover songs that we all enjoy singing.
  • To improve our singing technique.
  • To share our performances with others.
  • To encourage discussion and enjoy sharing our views with each other

Ability Level 

Anyone interested in singing is welcome. Our purpose is to have an enjoyable time and gain new skills. We are not an advanced choir; we meet to enjoy the harmonies that we can create together. Members of the group are expected to attend regularly so that we can develop together.

New members are always welcome, especially Altos, Tenors and Basses!

Our Choir Master is very talented and has the patience of a saint. We still need to address the balance of the choir and need more men, both tenors and bass. We meet in St Peter’s Church on Thursdays at 10.30 am for between 1-1/2 hours. Please come along and give it a try. Ladies are also welcome.  Contact Brenda O’Gorman for more information at