Computing Group – Meeting Held on 12th March 2020

Meeting Content

  • Photo Editing on PC/Mac
  • Social Media - Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc.

A little detail on the meeting…

The ability to process your photos is now made much easier with software you can download for free. There are sophisticated programs/apps that accomplish far more, e.g. Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Lightroom but they're probably way over the top for the average person who wants simplicity when editing their pictures.

We discussed how to find the software, how to download it and then we used a video tutorial we found on

In the time available we could only demonstrate a small amount of what you need to do to make your pictures come to life. But we hope that was enough of an overview to get members finding out more about photo editing. Gaining experience which leads to a comprehensive skill set over time is the key to making this software work well.

We also discussed the main social media platforms and how they can help anyone stay connected to both people and topics they're interested in.

The links below will take you to separate pages to find out more about the topics we covered.